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The Story Behind the Dojo

To say there is a short story about the development of this website would be a lie. But let’s give the short one a go. The idea for the site came about while Joe was writing a business plan for Kuehler Coffee. The need for education in the area of coffee quality arose and rather than him saying, "Trust me, my coffee is great!" Joe decided that he would show people how to brew any coffee correctly to give people a level playing field to say for themselves, "Kuehler Coffee is great!"
Originally Joe had planned on doing a WordPress website which for most people would be OK, however with his goals for the site, an online based website generator seemed to him scary and untrustworthy. With this in mind Joe set out on a mission to learn web coding, an adventure that has proved to be extremely difficult but extremely rewarding. After all Joe claims, “All things worthwhile take time, effort, less video games, and ultimately make you feel great about what you achieved.” His first glimpse at code was discouraging, frightening, and overwhelming, but fortunately the first instructional video happened to mention that code is just a different language that is straight forward and is probably the easiest language to learn. With that he declares, "All right, I can learn a new language!" So he decided to press on. After the course of a year of trial and error, he now speaks an equivalent of "broken English" in terms of code, and he keeps learning new things daily. “Now”, Joe says, “When I open, I have an indescribable sense of satisfaction knowing that I actually did that!”

Posted by Joe Kuehler, your Sensei at The Art of Coffee
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