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Funny Stuff!

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Outtakes 2!

This is my very first venture as a cartoonist, and one thing I have learned through this is that animators are considerably underpaid! This is the creation of the outtake short I talked about after the release of the 1st “Outtakes” video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!



Check out this video of some funny bloopers

Outtakes Wrap Up

With Sensei Joe

It has been an extremely exciting adventure bringing these tutorials to the world. And with the release of the Outtakes video, don’t expect that I will disappear. My focus for the next few weeks will be on the text tutorial side of the website and implementing a solid teaching base for the site itself. After all the goal of this site is to produce black belt artists in coffee preparation! The beta site has proven to be successful and quite frankly; the sky is the limit for the site from here!

Keep your eyes peeled for the outtake short I am working on. It involves a video that is on the site right now. The particular outtake is right under your nose. I am interested to see how many of you actually spot the outtake prior to the release of the short. ________________________________________________

Posted by Joe Kuehler, your Sensei at The Art of Coffee
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