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Green belt level 2

How to use a French Press

French Press Coffee Wrap Up

With Sensei Joe

  1. Pre-infusion=30-45 seconds
  2. Brew time= 4 and 1/2 - 5 minutes total time (times may very slightly according to your grind size. IE smaller means shorter time and larger means longer time. Keeping a log will help you hone the grind size and time)
  3. Always decant the coffee into another vessel when the brew is finished!

A press is on the must have list of virtually all coffee enthusiasts, but let's face it, not everyone will enjoy the "dirty" nature of French press coffee. Most French presses will allow for coffee fines to get into the cup. After all the fines that make it into your cup is what makes this coffee heavy bodied and syrupy. You will either love this coffee or you will hate it, but I challenge that most people will love it.
When purchasing the press don't go too big and not too small. A press that will brew 10 or 12 cups would definitely be too big and on the flip side a 12-16 ounce press would probably be too small. I have found that a 25 or 30 ounce press is perfect. A coffee press this size is great for making anything from 15-25+ ounces and really anything above 20 ounces is just too much to try to brew with this method but the extra size of the pot is good anyway. And don't go too crazy with expensive presses as most of these are thermal carafe types, and people will often choose not to decant these (yuck). I always recommend decanting no matter what the press type is as the coffee grounds will continue to extract nasty flavors that you do not want in your cup until you decant into another vessel. Thermal style presses are very good for preventing heat loss during the brew cycle, but you could always wrap a kitchen towel around the press if heat loss is an issue.
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Posted by Joe Kuehler, your Sensei at The Art of Coffee
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