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How To Keep Coffee Fresh?

Air Tight Container Wrap Up

With Sensei Joe

Why is an airtight container important anyway? Coffee begins to degrade quickly after roasting. Just like oxygen contributes to the rust on iron, oxygen is a main contributor to stale coffee. Oxygen oxidizes iron and oxygen oxidizes coffee. Pretty gross huh, who would have thought that oxygen is actually a bad chemical for coffee! This is why I strongly urge you to buy fresh roasted coffee and not coffee that has been sitting on a store shelf for several months. That being said, Bagged coffee is better than the coffee in those bulk bins because bulk bins are open to oxygen. Other contributing factors to stale coffee are heat, sunlight, and moisture. So coffee stored in an airtight container on your counter is ultimately a best practice. Freezers are OK however frost will eventually get to the beans. Because of moisture do not store coffee in the refrigerator.

Posted by Joe Kuehler, your Sensei at The Art of Coffee
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