Coffee Blends Available
Medium Blends

  • Kona blend– This blend is roasted light medium to medium to accent the nice lemon acidity of the featured Kona bean. The blend brings an excellent balance of complementing undertones to give you an economical means of tasting what Kona Mountain has to offer. This is not an average Kona blend (any kind of coffee mixed with 10% Kona) which largely disappoint. This is a carefully mixed blend of Hawaiian Kona and 5 other coffees to bring you the best Kona blend on the market today.
    Many coffee roasters won’t tweak their Kona blends because it is very expensive to do trials with Kona. When I decided to buy Kona, I did it with the mind set to create the best Kona blend available.
    $17.75/pound or $10/half pound

  • Together We Ride – This is a blend of coffees from Central America and countries from the Middle East. It has wonderful citric acidity with great body to balance it and a lingering taste of mild sunflower seeds.
    $12.00/pound or $7.00/half pound

  • Diem- This coffee has great body but is balanced with a touch of acidity bringing some excitement to the cup. This is a good coffee for people who like bold coffee but not dark oily coffee.
    $12.00/pound or $7.00/half pound

  • Ember Fire- This coffee has nice caramel tones.
    $12.00/pound or $7.00/half pound

  • Okoboji Mist- Nice light spice and chocolate tones can be noted and finishes very smooth.
    $12.50/pound or $7.25/half pound

Dark Blends

  • Of the Abyss- My best selling dark roast, Bold, bakers chocolate tones
    $12.00/pound or $7.00/half pound

Single Origin Coffee

  • Kona, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombian, decaf Colombian, Peru, Rwanda, Java, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia-Yirgacheffe Grade-1 natural processed
    Enquire for pricing

  • Kona Extra Fancy- This is an extremely high quality coffee and I will be selling it in half pound increments (8 ounces) for $25. A city to city+ (light medium to medium) is how I will be roasting this coffee unless otherwise specified. At this roast level a distinct note of unsweetened lemon juice is present with undertones of sweet herb. This coffee is very distinct from others, almost like a lemony tea, so I now understand why this is a coffee that is in such high demand.

  • Ethiopia-Yirgacheffe Grade-1 natural processed- Grade 1 means this coffee has very few defects in the physical beans. The aroma of the dry grounds defiantly has hints of blue berries and when I tried the brewed cup, I picked up heavy blue berry tones. A person who wants something a little bit different and exciting would definitely enjoy a cup of this high quality coffee!
    $15.00/pound or $8.50/half pound

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