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How to Brew Coffee

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The Manual Pour Over

Pour Over Wrap Up

With Sensei Joe

The manual pour over will be a major guide for the home barista to learn what properly brewed coffee tastes like. This is as a result of the straight forward nature of the steps required to produce this coffee. It all comes down to the length of time required for the brew, if it brews too fast resulting in under extracted sour tasting coffee you will need to go a bit finer with the grind. Likewise if the brew timing goes beyond the allotted 3 minutes and 30 seconds, next time you should adjust the grind a bit more course to avoid the bitter taste of over extracted coffee.
Because properly extracted coffee can be easily honed in with this method of brewing, you have a base for comparing different brew methods. You will also be able to “learn” what over and under extraction tastes like and train your pallet to recognize the 3 distinct tastes all coffee will produce.

  1. Over extraction
  2. Under extraction
  3. Proper extraction

As weird as it sounds, it may be a good idea to purposefully produce under and over extracted coffee to begin to familiarize yourself with the tastes. This will be essential when you begin to use methods like syphon brewing as this is a method of brewing with variables that are more difficult to spot and ultimately taste is all you have to tell if you brewed the coffee correctly. I.E. “this tastes sour and under extracted I think I will try to go a little finer with the grind.”
Something to remember is that the initial pour will take approximately the first minute of the brew while the remaining 2 minutes and 30 seconds will be the water going through the coffee. The coffee should begin to dribble with 10 second remaining and begin to drip during the remaining few seconds and it is important to remove the used grounds immediately as water that dribbles out after the brew time will be very bitter and can ruin an entire pot of perfectly extracted coffee.
It is time for you to begin your journey of becoming an at home barista, creating coffee that your local coffee shop will envy.

Posted by Joe Kuehler, your Sensei at The Art of Coffee
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